Samara O'Gorman

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Samara O’Gorman is an Irish-Canadian, Montreal-based, actress and writer who has now been primarily acting on stage and in film, whilst writing poetry and prose.

Author of What If The Sun Died


Meaghan & Emily Gibbs

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Meaghan and Emily are sisters living in different provinces. Their writing collaboration started while trying to find inventive ways to remain close without seeing each other in person


Authors of Tidy Planet Adventures 


Ariane Signer

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Ariane Signer has been writing her thoughts, fears and dreams in journals since the early '90s. A personal development and self-help junkie, she has been working as a creative freelance writer since 2016


Author of Shadow Work: Poems & Things That Shine.


Ahmad Al-Khatat

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Ahmad Al-Khatat was born in Baghdad, Iraq. His work has appeared in print and online journals globally and has poems translated into several languages. 

Author of Buried in the Flowers


Lori Noel

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Lori is a freelance writer, editor, and author from Montreal. She writes historical fictional novels.


Author of Under Skies of Silk

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Lillian Shoub

Lillian Shoub is an artist, educator, wife, mother, grandmother, lifelong student, philanthropist, and writer. 

Author of Life Is A Gift: A Memoir


Shazia Khan

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Shazia Khan is a Kashmiri Canadian writer and pediatric nurse. She loves to write female-centric stories that showcase everyday events from a diverse perspective.