Meaghan Gibbs &

Emily Gibbs

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Meaghan and Emily are sisters living in different provinces. Their writing collaboration started while trying to find inventive ways to remain close without seeing each other in person. 

The sisters began writing a story in a journal and sending it back and forth through the mail. Both sisters always enjoyed creative writing individually and soon found that their creative voices meshed very well together.


The story evolved from shared memories of their Grandma Lucy's stories of forest fairies and magical lands. 

Do fairies exist? Do insects talk?

They do in Lucy's world.

Lucy usually thought of herself as pretty open-minded. Her family was always telling her that she had a very active imagination. She believed frogs could really be princes and that the animals in the woods could be her friends,

but this was beyond what she could have possibly hoped was real. It was as though she had never really seen anything before.


This went way beyond a talking dragonfly - that was just the beginning.


Join ten-year-old Lucy Dodd as she embarks on a magical adventure where she meets new friends and learns the importance of taking care of the planet.

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