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Stephanie's work in the world of children's literature is inspiring. In her words: "Anytime I look at my book, I get so proud of myself. Do you want to know why? I made a decision to work on an ability I never thought I had. That ability is writing a book.

It is my hearts desire that me having the faith to believe in myself with writing a children’s book will also inspire others to do something that they once believed or thought they could never see happening in their own lives."

Four Became Five

Published May 21st, 2021

Stephanie knows the power behind having a positive mindset; after all, she has won every race since she started being positive. Now she shares wisdom with her friends. When she meets a new girl, she has no idea how much her wise words helped her.

Based on a true story, this unique book, written by Stephanie Danso, reveals the experience of a new student named Gulsoom at a new school. She struggles with anxiety, especially when meeting new people, due to an incident she had at a previous school with bullying. With the help of a friend, Gulsoom learns coping skills that help her work on her emotions and face her fears in a healthy way. Readers are taught how to use positive thinking to help deal with their fears.

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A Big Sister's Intuition

Published November 16th, 2020

Description of book: A Big Sister’s Intuition" is the story of Heavens, a 9-year-old kid who really enjoys being a big sister to her little twin sisters, Joliegh and Jordyn. She also can understand everything her two-year-old sisters say without the need for conscious reasoning. This is what makes Heavens so unique: she immediately understands the twins likely from her instinctive feeling rather than her conscious reasoning. Find out if you can understand baby language from your instinctive feeling like Heavens once you finish reading this book.

Based on a true story, this unique book, written by Stephanie Danso, Stephanie shares the experience of supervising her little cousins, Heavens, Jordan, and Joleigh. She always finds herself so fascinated with the connection Heavens would have with her twin sisters. The relationship Heavens has with her twin sisters is beautiful because there is a good connection between them. Heavens demonstrates the importance of spending time with her siblings and practicing the importance of empathy.

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About the Author

Stephanie Danso has always been known for her positiveness as a youth leader, and her aspiration to empower, influence, and motivate individuals who need mentoring.

For most of her life, Stephanie was dominantly a right-brained, very creative and emotionally intelligent individual who was greatly unaware of the many creative abilities within her. For over 10 years, she has been developing her intuition. She was able to ground out a lot of her abilities and qualities she doubted within herself, as she got over her fears she decided to write her first book ever, "A Big Sister's Intuition".

Stephanie is a significant influencer who wants to continue to empower others, dismiss the self-doubt and limiting beliefs that are hindering them, to rise to their abilities and potentials, and come alive.

Stephanie is an Educator, Registered Social Service Worker, who holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) university degree.

Stephanie currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She loves tea, the outdoors, long walks; and with two books under her belt, she has joyfully stumbled upon the absolute thrill of writing.

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