B House Reno Before and Afters

The diary of two reno newbies and a house that's always been a home to many.

This spring, Justin and I closed on our first house together. We had the opportunity to purchase my grandparent's house - a house that was like a second home to me while growing up. While the house was kept up over the years, it needed some updates. So in May 2021, Justin quit his job, I packed up my laptop, and the three of us (including Bee) drove down to Bathurst, NB for a 10-week reno project.

We had no idea where to start but we knew that we needed to completely paint every wall and install new floors and baseboards. We also opted to fix some electrical outlets, update some heaters, light fixtures, and add a new kitchen backsplash.

Luckily, we had the help of my parents who live close by. My dad was able to help with some major projects like redoing the front deck, painting the patio, installing flooring, and cutting baseboards. My mom helped me paint the whole house and brought over food when we were just too tired to cook. We literally could not have done it without them.

We bought the house to have as a rental property - but that says nothing about the amount of love we put into it. The home that was the center of Christmas dinners, afternoon pie baking, wheel of fortune evenings, and Sunday morning raspberry picking didn't just have a special place in my heart - it means something to every person in my family. And I wanted to do it justice.

So for all those who love this house as much as I do - know that I put the love into it that was given to me over the years, right there in that [outdated] kitchen.

Scroll to the bottom for links to some of the budget-friendly products sourced from Amazon.

PS It was impossible to photograph the closet bathroom! All I did in here was paint the walls, seal the tub, and paint the window frame.

In the kitchen, repainted, refinished the cabinets, changed the hardware, swapped the old stove, added a backsplash, changed the light fixtures, painted the windows, and installed new vinyl flooring. We also took on the huge task of tearing down 2 feet of wall between the kitchen and entrance hall to make the doorway more open-concept.

The upstairs bedrooms got new floors, fresh paint, and updated light fixtures.

The stairs were stripped, refinished, and painted. Check out my previous blog for all the stair details! We were able to preserve the texture of the original wood stair treads - minus two that had to be replaced.

For the flooring, we used Canuck SPC Vinyl Flooring in "Nunavut" from Carpet Ranch in Bathurst. Highly recommend this store for great customer service and locally sourced high-quality materials. Most of our baseboards were also from Carpet Ranch, except a few spots where we were able to reuse the original (and more decorative) baseboards and casings.

Here are a few of the pieces we used and links to order:

Click here for our kitchen cabinet handles! I love these matte black hardware pieces - they added the modern touch to my "minimalist farmhouse chic" vibe goal.

I added this trolley in the bathroom's tight space so the tenant won't have to hang shelves.

These are the fixtures used in the entrance and at the top of the stairs.

This is the fixture in both the kitchen and living room.

I used these in the bedrooms - and they were great since they come in packs of 2!

I also ordered special antique-style "Edison" bulbs for the fixtures since they have exposed lightbulbs. They come in a range of tones and I got the "warm" which gives off a cozier light.