Holiday Self-Published Book Gift Guide

The holiday gift guide for self-published books. Shop small this holiday season.

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1-Buried in the Flowers by Ahmad Al-Khatat Buy it Here

"The despair of war will never truly disappear."

Buried in the Flowers(Black and White Edition) is a collection of poetic short stories that peer into the lives of those affected by war. Follow the relatable characters through stories of heartbreak, family, loss, and destruction. Experience an intriguing and personal look at the despair of war.

2-Life Is A Gift by Lillian Bernstein Shoub Buy it Here!

For the "Old Soul" in your life.

At twenty, her body declared war. She was diagnosed with LUPUS, a lifelong disease. For anyone dealing with chronic illness or lifelong hardships - this one's for you.

Lillian and Hyman combatted challenges, made choices, and took chances. Alongside her career in Montreal in education, she volunteered in the Jewish community and fulfilled her appreciation of the arts. Follow Lillian's journey of love, family, community, battling chronic illness, and art lived with Faith, Fate, Belief.

Be inspired by the purpose to live 'Life to Life.'

3-Drinking in Public: Rules To The Game by Nathaniel Spencer-Cross Buy it here!

The "guy" gift.

Author Nathaniel Spencer-Cross takes a satirical look at drinking in public, framing it through the lens of a professional sport. Complete with rules, banned techniques, an official league and a scoring system, Nathaniel aims to raise awareness on a serious subject through humour and the absurd.

1-What If The Sun Died by Samara O'Gorman Buy it Here!

The perfect gift for all lovers of beautiful words.

"A midsummer's evening, a girl found lingering. Twenty-three ribs to her name; she hid her love and secrets within a linoleum chest locked shut, and key long forgotten."

With supernatural flair and hints of Shakespearian, Samara O'Gorman's collection of poetry & thought shares the evocative and the delicate side of healing. When it comes to grief, she articulates how important it is to persevere through the dark and reach the light.

2-Shadow Work: Poems by Ariane Signer Buy it Here!

The gift for the woman, mother, or friend in your life.

"Somewhere in the shadow; somewhere in the light"

A collection of poetry about navigating uncharted territory; passionate new love, shifts and changes, crumbling marriages, dreams, grief, finding yourself alone, and the waxing and waning waves of joy and despair.

These poems narrate the unravelling of the things we’re taught will be simple. Ariane Signer's Shadow Work welcomes the feelings of darkness that exist in life’s journey and all the little, magical moments in between.

3-Buried in the Flowers: Short Stories by Ahmad Al-Khatat

1-Tidy Planet Adventures by Emily and Meghan Gibbs Buy it Here!

The gift for kids who love fairies and magic. Ages 7-12.

Do fairies exist? Do insects talk? They do in Lucy's world.

Lucy always thought of herself as pretty open-minded. Her family was always telling her that she had a very active imagination. She believed frogs could really be princes and that the animals in the woods could be her friends, but this was beyond what she could have possibly hoped was real. It was as though she had never really seen anything before. This went way beyond a talking dragonfly - that was just the beginning.

Join 10-year-old Lucy Dodd as she embarks on a magical adventure where she meets new friends and learns the importance of taking care of the planet.

  • Tidy Planet Adventures is a great early chapter book for ages 8-12.

  • Learn about the magic of keeping our planet clean and tidy!

  • Enjoy 7 Extra pages of fairy-filled activities including drawing, word searches, a fairy alphabet, and more.

2-A Big Sister's Intuition by Stephanie Danso Buy It Here!

The Gift for the big and little sisters in your life.

3-Four Became Five by Stephanie Danso Buy it Here!

The gift with a good message for kids.