How to Publish with the LaBee Writing Community

Wondering how you can become part of the LaBee Writing community of independent authors?

Recently, I've had a few people reach out for more information on how to join LaBee Writing! Here's some quick info for any indie authors thinking about publishing but with no idea where to start!

About LaBee Writing Author Community

LaBee Writing is a community and platform for anyone interested in books, reading, publishing, and writing. We offer services for content writing (ie: blogs, newsletters etc) as well as Editing and Formatting. If you have a book you want to share with the world (or just an idea for a book) - we're here to help.

How to Publish with LaBee Writing

Publishing with LaBee Writing isn't like publishing with a major print house or publisher. It isn't even like self-publishing! It's a unique experience that lets you keep a higher percentage of your book's revenue while getting backing and support from our community of authors and readers.

  1. Send us an email with an excerpt of your work, or the concept of the work you're interested in publishing

  2. Decide which services you want (Editing, Formatting, Cover Design, Marketing).

  3. Let LaBee take it from there. We edit your work, format it for publishing, and upload to KDP or POD.

With LaBee Writing you'll get free grassroots marketing for your work. You can also connect with other writers and readers! Authors are featured on the LaBee Writing website with their own author page and links to their work.

Here are some of the books already published with the LaBee Writing community!

For more information and prices for services, reach out to us at or on Instagram @labeewriting

Check out Ariane Signer's new collection of poetry, Shadow Work: Poems now available on Amazon.

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