Indie Author Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Mar 7

As we all know, 2020 is the year of shopping and supporting small! Support Indie Authors by ordering their self-published books as gifts for the holidays.

Browse this list of books by international Indie Authors to give your loved ones a unique gift while supporting artists, their dreams, and livelihoods.

Adult Fiction

Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese

(Indigenous) Franklin Starlight is called to visit his father, Eldon. He's sixteen years old and has had the most fleeting of relationships with the man. The rare moments they've shared haunt and trouble Frank, but he answers the call, a son's duty to a father. What ensues is a journey through the rugged and beautiful backcountry, and a journey into the past, as the two men push forward to Eldon's end. From a poverty-stricken childhood, to the Korean War, and later the derelict houses of mill towns, Eldon relates both the desolate moments of his life and a time of redemption and love, and in doing so offers Frank a history he has never known, the father he has never had, and a connection to himself he never expected.

A novel about love, friendship, courage, and the idea that the land has within it powers of healing, Medicine Walk reveals the ultimate goodness of its characters and offers a deeply moving and redemptive conclusion. Wagamese's writing soars and his insight and compassion are matched by his gift of communicating these to the reader.

Meant to Be by Sienna Grant

(Romance) SHELBY - The day Jaxon Cartwright walked into my life was the day my whole world turned upside down.I didn’t expect to fall for his natural charm and wholesome good looks but he stole my heart completely. I was his. JAXON - I’m 18. I was carefree and single, I liked it that way; I had my own problems.Shelby Andrews threw a spanner in the works. She took my heart into her hands and never gave it back.She owns me.They say if it’s meant to be you’ll find a way, but when the unexpected happens and assumptions are made, can Shelby and Jaxon’s love survive the roadblocks that are about to be put in place.

The Comfort of Distance by Ryburn Dobbs

(Mystery) Deep in the forests of the Black Hills, human remains are being discovered – one bit at a time. Rumors of a rogue man-eating mountain lion are spreading through the county and panic is starting to swell. Sgt. Hank LeGris of the Custer County Sheriff’s Office is feeling the pressure; he needs to find out who the dead are, and how they got that way. Hank suspects that the bodies are the result of a more sinister predator. But in order to solve the mystery, he will have reach back into his own dysfunctional family history and pull in the only person who can get to the bottom of these strange cases – his estranged and disordered brother, the brilliant forensic anthropologist Dr. Sebastien Grey.

How the Penguins Save Veronica by Hazel Prior

(Literary) Veronica is now advanced in her years. She has no known living family and only a pesky housekeeper who keeps her company through the days. The problem is that she has millions of dollars and no one to leave them to! When Veronica sees a documentary on penguins on TV she somehow feels a connection to them and knows that she needs to leave her money to the group studying them. She buys a ticket to Antarctica and has her housekeeper inform the research team that she's coming, like it or not. Despite their desperate attempts to dissuade her from coming Veronica goes anyways. A long-lost grandson and the fact that Antarctica is not all that hospitable to 84-year-old ladies only serve to complicate things.

The Crew Book Series by Annie Mick

Autumn Markham was broken. Unlucky in life, unlucky in love and needing a fresh start, she set her sights on new beginnings; taking with her two golden rules: don’t ever lie to her and don’t ever break a promise. She had been there, done that. And as Jade Morgan, those rules would never change.

Dane Jordan is returning from a three-year absence; his sole intent to discover who’s been embezzling from his corporation. Money makes people greedy. Women make men fools. He had been there, done that. But when she walks into a meeting one Tuesday morning, his theory of been there, done that? Well, he hasn’t done this.

Golden rules? Some rules are made to be broken, aren’t they?

Is omission really a lie?

Speaker of Ma'ila by Trenton Anthony

Inside a dark, dead volcano, the Hkusi military prepares for war. There, Jharroz za Rukh faces an important day in his mage training: the rite of Ya’at khu ma’tika, where he must kill a man to become a weapon just like his father, Khatsik the Finisher. Will Jharroz rise to glory at the right hand of the emperor, or will he heed a different voice, one that is calling him toward another life, another place, and another self? Follow Jharroz on a dark and winding journey, full of adventure, self-discovery, friendship, and love. This is the first in a developing series of fantasy-fiction works from author Trenton Anthony. Look for the sequel in 2021!

Reason by Lynette P.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Corbin Miller does, but after his tragic passing, his fiancée Jessamyn is struggling to find hers. At the young age of 27, Jessamyn is a beautiful and determined woman who owns a café by day, but is tormented by her thoughts and dreams of Corbin by night. Then she meets Ash; an up-and-coming artist. He’s charming, gentle and gives her back the fire she's been craving. But still, she pushes away, isolating herself with only her thoughts. She’s constantly battling between the two worlds, wanting happiness, but wondering, is it really possible to find love again after such grief?

This novel will take you along on her emotional roller coaster of ups and downs, hard truths, and internal sorrows, as she hits her rock bottom. As well as, her acceptances, realizations and sarcastic humour. You’ll follow her journey of discovering who she truly is, and of course, her quest to find her reason behind it all… but, will she find it?

Trigger warning: this book contains sexual content and adult language.

The Gift by Stephanie Matthews


“The Gift” will change Christmas forever.

The breakout thriller novel of Canadian author Stephanie M. Matthews, “The Gift” will leave you breathless in this story about a darkness that haunts a little Belgium village, and the lengths it will take to save a young woman from being lost to it forever. This is a vividly haunting Christmas story that will not be easily forgotten.

Edited by New York Times Best Seller editor Steve Parolini, “The Gift” is a supernatural thriller that will carry you away to the wintery streets of Europe and insert you into the struggle against a darkness that haunts an innocent village. A mind-bending struggle of hidden truths against the darkest of evils, “The Gift” is a story of survival that will challenge your perception of the world around you in a narrative to satisfy thrill seekers and holiday lovers alike.

The Eve's End by Stephanie Matthews

(Thriller) Stephanie M. Matthews doesn’t disappoint with “The Eve’s End”, the stunning sequel to the breakout thriller “The Gift”. Re-immerse yourself in the vivid writing style, provoking storytelling, and addictive suspense that made you love the first novel!

Written by Canadian author Stephanie M. Matthews, “The Eve’s End” is a non-traditional Christmas story of good versus evil. Beautiful descriptions and haunting storytelling will appeal to those who enjoy thrillers, psychological thrillers, the supernatural, and suspense. Fans of Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti will not be disappointed.

Adult Non-Fiction & Poetry

Understanding Mount Real by Lino Matteo

(Business) Mount Real was a management company that was involved in Management Accounting, Information Management, and Media Services. It ran into regulatory problems – but that is a story for another day – as part of a Restorative Justice approach to life we decided to share some of Mount Real’s concepts so that you could benefit from them and hopefully society would benefit from that knowledge. It is a start at restoration. Mount Real tried to do with magazines and magazine subscriptions what Amazon did when it started with books. Want to learn more?