Interview & Poetry Reading with Ariane Signer Author of Shadow Work: Poems

LaBee Writing's Lori Noel spoke with Ariane Signer, Author of Shadow Work: Poems about her inspiration behind the collection, working with a professional photographer, self-publishing, and the importance of letting yourself be spontaneously creative.

"When you look at phases of the moon, there are times when the moon is not visible at all. Then it illuminates fully at the full moon. The phases have been such a big theme in my life and I look to the moon for guidance. You could say the same of inner work - sometimes we're not at our 'shiniest', sometimes we're in the dark. And it's okay to honour that phase. The light will come back."

"For me, that's a really big part of the process... Doing things alongside other women. I wanted this book to be completely female-powered, based on what I was going through and the inspiration of lunar energy"

Signer's Shadow Work: Poems is a collection of poetry about navigating uncharted territory; passionate new love, shifts and changes, crumbling marriages, dreams, grief, finding yourself alone, and the waxing and waning waves of joy and despair. These poems narrate the unravelling of the things we’re taught will be simple. Shadow Work welcomes the feelings of darkness that exist in life’s journey and all the little, magical moments in between.

Get your copy of Shadow Work: Poems on Amazon and experience the magic and love poured into this collection.

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