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Some things to watch that are not the news.

You may have caught my quarantine reading list a couple of weeks ago with book recommendations from my friends and family. Since, like I mentioned in that post, I'm having a hard time concentrating and sitting still at times during this time at home, I am really trying to find movies, shows, podcasts, and media that I can 1) use to pass the time but also 2) feel like I am gaining something positive from watching/listening.

Here are a few of the things feeding my soul at the moment. Please comment with any other suggestions, or send them to me for the next edition!

1. Shine On

A series put together by Reese Witherspoon of 22 minute interviews with powerful and passionate women working in various fields (film, food, art, fashion, sports, finance, social media). This has been so inspirational.

Find it on Netflix.

2. Jane

Award winning documentary from 2017 about the early work of zoologist Jane Goodall and her work in Gambe using 1960's National Geographic footage. It's so beautifully put together and parallels her work with the apes to her marriage and life as a mother. It's truly a feminist take on the incredible work of an amazing woman.

Find it on Netflix.

3. Some Good News with John Krasinski

My celebrity crush talking about things that are not the virus from his home, in front of a colorful sign made by his daughter (come on). In one episode he talks with Steve Carell about their memories from The Office. He really ups the production value of the second episode. when he explains how to properly pronounce his last name and talks about some good news around the world. Not to mention a zoom-live performance by the original Hamilton broadway cast.

Find it on Youtube.

4. The Guilty Feminist: The New Normal

Check out The Guilty Feminist Podcast if you haven't already... it's something not to be missed for fans of comedy and life and funny women. The past month, the host, DFW, has been doing a new series from her home, connecting with comedians all over the world and talking about the trials (often funny) about our current situation in a real honest way that also brings a laugh.

Find it on Facebook Live, and on Spotify

5. Hot Ones

A different format of interviews with celebrities while they eat progressively spicier chicken wings and try to keep their calm and composure through the hot sauce. The host is super talented and thinks of meaningful questions that dig in deeper than your average "how much did you work out to fit in that costume" garbage. It's quite fun.

Find it on Youtube.

6. Bright Minded with Miley Cyrus

The queen of country kitsch interviewing celebrities from her Malibu mansion. It's not very good. That's why it's good.

Find it on instagram.

7. The Birds Papaya

Last but not least. This Canadian woman writer and blogger (Sarah Nicole Landry from Guelph ON) has been feeding my soul for a few years now. She's introduced me to so many great woman run brands and lately she's been writing so honestly and openly about her experiences and feelings about the current situation that it is refreshing as always to follow someone so genuine and transparent.

Find her on instagram and podcast on spotify.

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