Nathaniel Spencer-Cross's "Drinking In Public" Joins the LaBee Book Shop

Now available on the LaBee Book Shop!

LaBee Book Shop is excited to offer access to this hilarious, self-published book by a local Montreal-based writer. Drinking in Public will leave you laughing, crying, and nodding in buzzed agreement.

About the Book:

Drinking in public has its inherent flaws. It’s illegal, beers get warm in the sun, and those pesky police are always spoiling the fun. This pocket sized field guide to public drinking is filled with tricks, tips, and secret techniques targeted at beginners and pros alike. The fully illustrated handbook easily fits in a back pocket, and is right at home on a crowded coffee table. It makes a perfect gift for a rebellious relative or the seasoned offender.

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About the Author: Author Nathaniel Spencer-Cross takes a satirical look at drinking in public, framing it through the lens of a professional sport. Complete with rules, banned techniques, an official league and a scoring system, Nathaniel aims to raise awareness on a serious subject through humour and the absurd.

Buy it Now Here

Buy it Now Here

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