New Author! Shazia Khan

Shazia Khan is a Kashmiri Canadian writer, pediatric nurse, lifelong bookworm, and a lover of all things snackable.

LaBee Writing is excited to announce that Shazia is joining the LaBee Writing author community! Her work will be published in 2022! We're so honoured to be embarking on this literary journey together.

Shazia joined the LaBee community at the recent Live Reading event at BBAM! Gallery and graciously read from her work in progress!

A little more about Shazia:

Though she’s been writing all her life, Shazia began venturing into writing novels in 2016. She loves to write female-centric stories that showcase everyday events from a diverse perspective. As a bookworm, she’s been inspired by many South Asian authors and hopes that she can one day join their ranks. Her other passions include astronomy and everything potato-related.

You can follow along with Shazia's Bookstagram account at @khanlibrary on Instagram

and her Blog "Khan Library" here.

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