Ariane Signer Releasing New Poetry Book Shadow Work April 2021

Updated: Mar 7

Ariane Signer, author of the popular 2019 poetry collection, Things That Shine, will release a new book of poetry through LaBee Writing in April 2021.

Shadow Work is a collection of poems by Ariane Signer about navigating the unchartered territory of romance, broken marriages, grief, loneliness, finding yourself through the chaos, and appreciating the magic in the little moments between. Signer’s deeply personal collection is an expression of life and dreams through all the unexpected changes. Shadow Work welcomes the feelings of darkness and shadows and narrates the waxing and waning waves of joy and despair.

“Where science and mysticism meet, that’s where you’ll find me. Somewhere out in the shadows; somewhere in the light.”

Ariane Signer has been writing her thoughts, fears, and dreams in journals since the early ’90s. Her first collection of poems, Things That Shine, was published in 2019. A personal development and self-help junkie, she has been working as a creative freelance writer since 2016. A native Canadian, Ariane has spent the past 5 years in Switzerland, raising her two sons, Theo and Jake.

"LaBee Writing is so excited to be working alongside Ariane on this collection. Ariane's poetry is deeply personal in a way that lets you feel like you could easily have been the one to pen the words. When I first read through Shadow Work, I immediately knew that I had to be part of this project. These poems will ring true for anyone who has ever felt the tender heat of new love or the spiraling anticipation of uncertainty." - Lori Noel (Creator of LaBee)

Photography by Ella Lacey Photography Graphics by LaBee Writing

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