Polaroid of the Pandemic

Updated: Mar 7

A short moment, captured in time, lasting forever.

As many people return to work, and the world gets back to "normal", we can distinguish the pandemic of 2020 as a specific moment in time. It began and it ended. Although the virus lives on, the period which we knew as the pandemic has come to a close. We are expected to get on with things; get back to it; back to work, social lives; back to normal. The fleeting moment in our lives, over. Like a polaroid photograph, it may have been only a moment in time, but it will live on and last for years to come.

Although the vividness of the memories will fade over time, the moment will exist in history. No matter the gaslighting that may occur, it happened. We were paused, unable to carry on. And now, the world as we knew it before is gone forever. The photo of this time is part of history; of the world; and of us as individuals. And for good or bad, we've been changed.

When we look back at the polaroid of the pandemic, we may find that the snap caught us smiling, enjoying our extra time with family and relaxing. It may have found us with moistened eyes, overwhelmed and anxious by the chaos of it all. And the captured image may show us staring out into the void, unaware of the photo being taken and unsure of what will come next. Will we look back on this image of ourselves with regrets or lessons learned? Will we look back at all, or tuck the photo away, in a box on a high shelf, trying as hard as we can to forget?

An instant photo is a captured moment, frozen in time. It lives with us, stays with us. Memories fade but the moment never dies.

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