Publishing and Author Highlights of 2021

The LaBee Author community is growing!

We had the honour of helping to produce six books throughout 2021! It's time to take a step back and appreciate everyone who has believed in LaBee and what this little publishing group is capable of. Much more to come in 2022.

Let's take a look at some of the LaBee Authors and their words. Shop their books HERE.

Ariane Signer

Author of Shadow Work: Poems

"After getting through a really tough year, people often called me brave. While bravery can certainly be considered a virtue, I realized that there was something more important than being resilient and overcoming difficulties. Being heard. Being seen. Naming all of the things that could've broken me, but actually made me softer. I poured my broken heart into Shadow Work. As I navigated uncharted territory, it served as my road map and my treasure chest." - Ariane

Order Shadow Work: Poems Here. Follow Ariane's writing journey on Instagram!

Samara O'Gorman

Author of What If The Sun Died

"My mental health diagnoses don't define me. They never did, and they never will. They're just the monsters under my bed that like to creep up on me without an invite. I'm strong enough to fight them anyways. Never stop fighting. You're never alone." - Samara O'Gorman (January 2020)

"time after time

a new love

peaks through the cracks

none of them linger

soon she will see

the accolades of the journey

lie within herself"

Follow Samara on Instagram here. Order What If the Sun Died through the LaBee book shop.

Emily Gibbs & Meaghan Gibbs

Authors of Tidy Planet Adventures!

“Oh dear girl, when will you learn to look beyond what you know?” Doug exclaimed, hovering over Lucy’s head. “There are so many wonders here and so much happening before your eyes; just look Lucy, really see. Don’t block your mind from what’s in front of you.”

Order their chapter book for ages 7 to 12 here to enjoy all the fairy world adventures!

Shazia Khan

New author with wonderful works to come in the new year.

~Shazia Khan is a Kashmiri Canadian writer, pediatric nurse, a lifelong bookworm, and a lover of all things snackable. Though she’s been writing all her life, she began venturing into writing novels in 2016. She loves to write female-centric stories that showcase everyday events from a diverse perspective. As a bookworm, she’s been inspired by many South Asian authors and hopes that she can one day join their ranks. Her other passions include astronomy and everything potato-related.~

Follow Shazia on Instagram at @khanlibrary

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Ariane Signer - Ella Lacey Photography Samara O'Gorman - KS Studio (Montreal)

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