Tidy Planet Adventures - Gibbs Chapter Book Out Now

Monday, August 23rd, 2021 - Tidy Planet Adventures is Now Available to order on Amazon and www.labee.ca

The chapter book for children ages 7 to 12 is now available online! The debut publication sisters and authors, Emily Gibbs and Meaghan Gibbs is the perfect chapter book for back to school!

"Pop this pocket-sized book in their backpack for an easy read during the morning bus ride and recess."

Tidy Planet Adventures follows ten-year-old Lucy as she discovers that things discarded in the forest have a bigger impact than we can imagine! Lucy learns that there's magic in the woods and that fairies DO exist!

Come with Lucy as she learns about magic, fairyland, and the importance of keeping our planet clean and tidy.

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Tidy Planet Adventures also includes 7+ pages of fairy-themed activities. Learn the fairy alphabet, discover your fairy name, and de-code some mysterious messages from our new fairy friends!

Explore the beautiful images designed by the authors in every chapter, getting visuals of Lucy's magical fairy forest.

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