Under Skies of Silk: Book Launch

The new historical fiction novel by Lori Noel is now available on Amazon everywhere in the world. Grab the Paperback or eBook versions today.

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In her debut historical fiction novel, Lori Noel explores the timeless ways that spirituality, art, love, and faith guide us on unexpected life paths. The Karkota Dynasty, Kashmir Empire, 739 CE

A journey through the history of Kashmir and ancient China, Under Skies of Silk, weaves the real-life history of emperors, wars, territorial battles, and temples with the myths and stories that inspired the resilient and powerful players of the mysterious Silk Road.

Map of 739CE Silk Roads

Aditya Aditya Sura was taught that obedience and faith are the only things she can rely on for happiness. But when fate deals her a life-long sentence of servitude to the Kashmir emperor, she must rethink everything she knows to uncover a path of her own choosing. An artist by trade, Aditya will use every skill and ounce of courage she has to navigate dangerous and mysterious desert roads in search of freedom.

Kalhana Kalhana Vanija is a merchant's son travelling from town to town when he lands fist first in the military of the Karkota Empire. Rising in the warrior ranks to the world of commanders, lavish dinners, and elephant armies, Kal must learn who he is beyond the fearless brute the world sees. Aditya and Kalhana face tyrannical emperors drunk on the conquests of war and a myriad of players vying for power across the great silk road.

About the Author

Lori Noel is an author, artist, freelance writer, and publisher. She holds a BFA in art history and an MA in Religions and Cultures. Her love of history, visual symbolism, and beliefs has led her to work with many different people and forms of art. She loves to write about the ways that art, media, and spaces of faith contribute to societal perceptions. The author strongly believes in working with and supporting other women in the creative space. Lori currently lives in Montreal, Canada with her partner and her dog, Bee.

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