Why You Should Buy Books from Independent Authors

With more people finding ways to pursue their true passions in life, more independent authors are popping up.

Authors who choose to publish their books outside of a traditional publishing house face tons of challenges when it comes to promoting their work and getting it into the hands of readers. LaBee is here to help! We are working to build a community of independent authors who can support each other through the publishing and marketing phases.

Are all books by independent authors amazing? Probably not - but here's a list of a few we KNOW are worth a read:

Shadow Work: Poems

This book of poetry by Ariane Signer is the author's second published work. Written from a small Swiss town, this native Montrealer detailers her journey with heartbreak, grief, and nostalgia.

What If The Sun Died

A collection of poetry and thought by Samara O'Gorman. This Irish-Canadian writer pulls from her stage and screen acting training and her interest in mythology to craft words into intimate stories of love and life. What Samara has accomplished at such a young age will blow your mind.

Buried In The Flowers: Short Stories

Ahmad Al-Khatat writes from a place of despair - based on stories of humans living through war. Readers are brought through the short stories and colour images into a universe foreign to most Canadians. A life torn apart by destruction. Will hope endure? Read to find out.

Buried in the Flowers is also available at a lower cost in black and white. Order Here.

Life Is A Gift: A Memoir

Lillian Bernstein Shoub's memoirs follow over 80 years of life lived in Montreal. Through wars, love, loss, motherhood, Lillian searches for her real meaning, digging deep into her soul during the sunset years of life. An educator, an artist, a writer, a friend. Lillian's story will touch your heart.

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