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Samara O'Gorman

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Samara O’Gorman is an Irish-Canadian, Montreal-based, actress and writer who has now been primarily acting on stage and in film, whilst writing poetry and prose.

Having graduated from John Abbott College with a degree in Professional Theatre, she is now studying Irish Studies at Concordia University.

O’Gorman was awarded the 2019 Queen of the Hudson Saint-Patrick's Day Parade, which amplified her involvement within her own Irish ancestry, and community. Through her studies, she will travel to rural Ireland to research Irish poetry, theatre, language, and literature; then exploring how their dialect shapes those forms of art in the area. 


In June of 2020 Samara founded Your Local Samaritan, an initiative that brings people together through acts of generosity and kindness. The goal is to highlight other "Local Samaritans" that are charitable to their community and inspire others. 


Her debut poetry collection What If The Sun Died is an accumulation of thoughts on heartbreak. With a supernatural flair and hints of Shakespearian, O'Gorman's work shares the evocative, and delicate side of healing. When asked about grief, Samara articulated how important it is to persevere through the dark to reach the light.

Along with her acting and writing, Samara is also a mental health advocate, and with every book sold, a portion is being donated to; a Canadian non-profit organization focused on youth mental health and suicide prevention. 


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Instagram & Twitter: @samaraitan 

"A midsummer's evening, a girl found lingering.

Twenty-three ribs to her name; she hid her love and secrets

within a linoleum chest locked shut, and key long forgotten."

With supernatural flair and hints of Shakespearian, Samara O'Gorman's collection of poetry & thought shares the evocative and the delicate side of healing.

When it comes to grief, she articulates how important it is to persevere through the dark and reach the light.

Photogaphy for What if the Sun Died by Krystian Sosa